Wednesday, June 9, 2010

carebon cub demo day

We had an overwhelming response for the Carbon Cub demo day here in Western WA. The FBO at Harvey Field S43 did us justice by giving us a converted hanger and the ramp right in front of the restaurant to operate from. At time we had crowds upward of thirty plus milling around our area. Fortunately the weather cooperated with one of the nicest days yet this Spring! Harvey is small field with a lot of activity, the airspace was in constant use with fixed wing, helios and sky divers! It was busy!!! But a lot of fun!



Due to the large number of confirmed pre-sign ups Randy decided to bring two Carbons and that was a good thing as we kept both running hot constantly turning over passengers. In addition to the two Carbons we had my S1, Tom Hanni's S1, Bob Savage's S1 and Jeff Jacob S2 on display. We had people swarming all over them! At least a dozen of the pilots we demoed flew in!

CC staff Randy Lervold and Byrce Huges as pilots and Pete Dougherty as briefer with myself working sign ups and coordinating rides we managed to give 30 demo rides! We went in with 20 confirmed pre-signed up and had 16 walk ups sign up. We lost a few due to the wait but still after 30 rides we were all glad to cut it off!

Everyone that flew came out with a huge smile! It was almost comical watching the folks being dazzled!

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