Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Carbon Cub Demo Day at Harvery Field S43 June 5th 2010


We are proud to personally invite you to the Carbon Cub demonstration day at Harvey Field S43, Snohomish WA on June 5th beginning at 1000 AM.



If you have had the desire to own a CubCrafters Cub this will be your opportunity to fly and feel a Carbon Cub. To be able to check out its amazing STOL performance, aerodynamics and workmanship. It still flys and feels like a cub with a reserve of power for dynamic takeoffs and climbs! Cruise around with the economy of a cub window up and door down! The Carbon Cub is the only light sport aircraft with a 180hp engine.

Harvey Field has graciously given us permission to host the demonstrations at the field, a great central location with both a grass strip and paved runway. Harvey Field offers a restaurant for food and drink, plenty of aircraft parking along with great airplane scenery of mountains and rivers.


I will have my modified S1 Sport Cub on site if there is an interest of a demonstration flight in a 100 hp Sport Cub the forerunner to the Carbon Cub and still available from the factory. This demo/discovery flight will give you logged tail wheel dual. A great trainer for flight instruction and just plain old cub driving!

Light Sport Aircraft qualify under the Sport Pilot rules of flying with your drivers license and not requiring a medical.

Based on interest in the Carbon Cub we expect a good turnout and recommend confirming a ride in advance. Show ups are welcome and will be taken in order of sign ups after the reservations. Due to time constraints demo rides will be limited to 20 Carbon Cub and 8 Sport Cub flights. Again, pre-signups will take priority.So please feel free to respond to or 253-219-8122 with your desire to reserve a demo ride of your choice, Carbon or Sport Cub.

If a demo dosen't interest you at this time you are welcome to treat it like a flyin and just show up, check out the cubs and hang out!

Want to own a Carbon/Sport Cub but don't have a tailwheel endorsement or a sport pilot license? I am a sport pilot CFI qualified to give tailwheel endorsements and flight reviews to any category pilot. Learn stick and rudder skills, low and slow cub driving, STOL, and beach, river and mountain flying the cub way.