Sunday, July 4, 2010

NWSC 2010 Flyin

NWSC 2010 Flyin STOL  contest

I can tell you Tom and I had a ball! We battled back and forth having fun. Our sport cubs were amazing getting us some very short takeoffs, Tom's at 75' and my 7AK at 55'! Who needs a Carbon Cub!

Tom was able to finesse his landings and I DQ and floated. We were also heavy with 3/4 fuel and some odd and ends but it was our first time in a STOL contest and we learned a lot

The best hot rod super cub take off by the more experienced STOL pilots was 61' with most being in the 90's and above, awesome numbers! They were some amazing pilots! With a little more experience and weight preparation we could have a shot at the overall trophy!Just watching the more experienced and amazing pilots in the bush class was a learning event in itself!

My 55' take off surprised me as much as anyone else! Think about it that is barely over two airplane lengths! I don't credit my pilot skills but to the sport cub abilities and a great deal to the Sensenich composite prop with the 46 pitch climb cartridge! The thrust is immediate with that prop combination!

Not bad for a pair of old S1s!!! Now if we can just get the "extended gear" for a higher pitch attitude......

Thanks for the support and encouragement from the CC staff, Stan, Eric, Pete and Jas and my flying buddies John and of course Tom! And especially Jason for encouraging us to compete.

Quotes from diiferent forums

"Tom and George in the Sport Cubs were really impressive".

"The CubCrafter light cubs were amazing, they looked like floating maple
leaves in the wind, very nice little planes and going to win this whole event before long. Good flying guys."

" Watching the STOL competition was quite amazing. A few of the airplanes were able to get off the ground in under 100 feet and stopping in well under 150 feet. The shortest take off of the day was just 55 feet in a Cub Crafters Sport Cub, a stock version! The overall competition was won by Jason Gerard in his Piper L-21B Super Cub. Painted in Italian livery (it was one of the many L-21s that served in the Italian military), Jason managed a best take off of just 91 feet and a landing of 107 feet!"