Monday, December 28, 2009

First student solo today J3 and flight of four taildraggers

I soloed Steve, one of my students today, at Wax Orchard, Vashon Island in his J3, the same place I soloed! This J3 has been in Steve's family since the 1950s and he had it completely rebuilt 2 years ago.

I rarely see another aircraft come to Wax Orchard when I am there but while I was waiting for Steve to do his 3 solo laps a Champ came in and left and a flight of four tail draggers came in and landed as a flight of 4 , two PA11s, a Champ and a Super cub! Two of the pilots were old friends of mine, Tim Porter and wife Leslie in the CubCrafters rebuilt Super Cub and Marlo Jones and his wife Susan in the copper cub. Steve landed and I introduced him around and we had a great half an hour of visiting!

It makes your heart swell to have shared a moment in time such as this day! While we were sharing stories another red and white PA11 came in and left and wished he would have stopped! 3 PA11s in the matter of an half an hour how rare! We took off for home base TIW and they took off as a flight of four for pie at Port Orchard, how cool!

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